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Washington State General Contractor

Washington State Electrical

Bonded contractor. Job specific bonds available upon request


Guaranteed to Work

Security solutions from ESI Security in Tacoma are guaranteed to work

The only real guarantee in the state of Washington. Our properly maintained systems work as designed or we pay your insurance deductible up to $500. Read the details >>


Customers Agree

Customers give ESI Security high marks for superior service

ESI Security was very helpful in the design, implentation, and budgeting of our companies Access control, locks, and alarm systems. We appreciate the help, service, fair prices and recommend their services.
Shawn Donovan

We had a rough eviction with a bad tenant that was destroying our first home. We were finally able to take possesion, but on very short notice. We called ESI Security and with the understanding of the stress we were under, they rescheduled work so that our home could be rekeyed immediately. This made us feel much more secure and helped diffuse a very upsetting situation.
John and Ann Enyeart


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Washington Division 17 Contractor

ESI Security is a specialty systems contractor in the state of Washington

Many of your projects run into problems with third tier and division 17 special systems contractors. That's because most don't have a clue when it comes to construction best practices. That's why with ESI Security you can expect:

  • Project delivered on time and on budget
  • Self imposed penalties for failure to complete work on time
  • Lock hardware, security systems, access control and camera surveillance (CCTV) systems
  • Fanatical commitment to job safety and project supervision
  • One stop shopping for locksmithing and electrical work

Quality Plus Performance

attention to detail is a trademark of our company

We're proud and excited to announce an industry breakthrough—an effective yet affordable specialty systems Division 17 contractor for Washington construction projects. ESI Security recognizes the need for specialty system contractors that know how to do the job right on time the first time. That's why we've created a special systems services division for new and renovation construction projects in the State of Washington.

ESI Security excels at hard spec, design-build, cost plus, fast track, new and renovation projects. Our project execution and project supervision are second to none and result in completed projects you can be proud of. Our warranty department is available every hour of every day of the year, something other specialty system contractors in Washington just shake their heads and walk away from. Finally, we use only top quality equipment and installation technicians, people so skilled you'll swear they come from another era.

Talk with us about your construction project.

Division 17 Security Systems

ESI Security provides design services, products and installation services for security systems on Division 17 specialty systems projects in the state of Washington.

  • Outdoor protection, including gate, fence and security camera surveillance systems
  • Perimeter protection, including all doors, moveable windows, glass break detection, vents, hatches, skylights, etc
  • Interior protection including motion sensors
  • Networked and IP based systems
  • Integration with other building systems
  • Monitored alarm systems

Door Hardware, Locks and Strikes

ESI Security works with all type locks and door hardware for commercial buildings

We're known throughout Washington for our world-class locksmith services. ESI Security designs, provides product and installs any type door hardware, locks, strikes etc. on any type door, interior or exterior. We're expert at interfacing locks with other building control systems, including fire alarm system, access control system, security system, and camera systems.

Call us at (888) 241-7132.

Security Camera Surveillance

ESI Security is a great choice for your Division 17 special systems digital camera surveillance system (CCTV) needs. We can handle any application, stand alone or networked, large or small. We work well with IP based systems and use only proven reliable products.

The true distinguishing feature of our company is our ability to correctly install these systems in a construction environment.

Talk with ESI Security about your Division 17 security camera surveillance system needs.