Federal Way Washington (federal way wa) locksmith service

Well,  We are trying to combat all the illegal-scammer locksmiths in the federal way area.  If you google for Locksmith federal way washington then you will see pages and pages of bad sites and links.   These are mostly organized crime proliferating the web so that they can capture calls and scam people when they are vulnerable.   We, at ESI, are working to get them out of the area.   So for locksmith in Federal Way, Wa you can call us 253-848-1924 or visit our site at www.esilock.com

Various grades of locks

We get questions from time to time about quality of locks and prices.  While this varies quite a bit I thought I would give you some basic information.    Locks come in 3 grades.

Grade 1 locks are heavy duty commercial.  These  are used on a lot of commercial buildings where the lock could get used hundreds of times a day.  These locks are also the most expensive and typically start at $200 but can easily be $500 or more.  Some are several thousand dollars.

Grade 2 locks are light duty commercial or heavy duty residential.  These are seen on basic office doors.  They can start as low as $35 and run up to $200-$300 or so.

Grade 3 Locksets are bottom of the barrel and can be a few dollars (like cheap import locks sold at box stores) up to $30-$50 depending on brand.

If you have any questions about this or would like to get pricing on locks please contact us at ESI Security

Exit Alarms

We are seeing some stores getting more theft by people prying open the back door. Or sometimes using side doors to exit the store with product. Installing an exit alarm like the detex eax-500 can deter this.  When the door is open and audible alarm is immediately heard.   Give us a call at ESI and we can discuss options.

Schlage Access Control is no longer supported

Well this one is interesting and frustrating.   Some of you may already know that Schlage hs discontinued  some of their access control lines.   The legacy series and a few others.   These products were slowly dwindled down due to older architecture and inability of the product to be updated well.   The new Schlage lines are the CO and the AD.   For anyone with the older product lines you will have an increasingly difficult time with parts and support.   We at ESI can certainly help you maintain your systems for as long as possible and can even replace them when the time is needed.   We work well with Schlage and their technical support as they continue to move forward with new products.   Schlage does still offer limited support for these older products and we at ESI can utilize that to help you repair, maintain, or replace.

We are now doing more door install and repair

For years we have repaired and installed commercial and residential doors as needed for our lock installations.  Recently we began doing more door installations since we find that it is easier for a locksmith company to install the doors and proper locks rather than just using a door company who then must call us to install locks.   This makes for one stop shopping.  So if you need a door installed or repaired in the Puyallup, fife, Milton, Edgewood or other surrounding areas then please contact us.    www.esilock.com

Schlage Blue Keys lost

We have found that if you lose your keys for shlages new self change key system then each lock will have to be reset manually. This is not easy, but it is doable. If you happen to lose your keys give us a call and we can dispatch someone out to you and get you taken care of, or you can bring the lock into our office and we can reset the locks

hard to find keys

Well, we are seeing a lot more hard to find keys for such things as mailbox locks, vehicle canopies, and RV’s.  A lot of these keys and locks are coming from china in bulk and being sold in the U.S.   We have brought a lot of these keys in stock so if you have a hard to find key you can stop by our office or give us a call.  We can see what we can do to help you.  You can also take a picture and email it to us at service@esilock.com.   we can take a look and point you in the right direction.   or visit our site at www.esilock.com

Access control and Alarm system integratrion

DSC and Kantech have finally come out with an integrated alarm and access control product.  By combining the two you can use one software package to view the events of either system or if you choose you can combine the events and see what is happening across the entire system.   This system is also networkable so it can be viewed and controlled remotely.   www.esilock.com

IT networking and server work is now available

The locksmith and security industry is rapidly changing and moving forward into the IT world.  In order to accommodate the changes we have added IT and networking staff to help homeowners and business owners install, repair and service their networks.  We can do this in conjunction with your alarm and security needs as well as your network solutions for you business.   Give us a call at 253.848.1924 or visit us at www.esilock.com