Electronic safe lock problems.

We tend to make trips to various areas to diagnose electronic safe lock problems.  Just the other day we were in Puyallup and had to get into a high end safe that was being problematic. There were two locks with intermittent functions. The first lock was an easy fix. NEW Batteries. The second needed a new lock.

We tend to see this issue a lot with Batteries and I want to make sure everyone understands the main problem: cheap batteries.  Our company policy is to use only brand new (from the package) Duracell or Energizer. We have seen it several times from Federal way, to fife, to Tacoma and just about everywhere. A business owner will go to the dollar store or some local convenience store and get some no-namer battery. This does not fix the problem, and their eyes bulge when we install Duracell and the lock works just fine.

Tip #1 for electronic safe locks when they are having issues. Replace the batteries and only use good quality,


ESI Security