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Sumner Locksmiths

For those of you in Sumner Washington, I want to give you a quick update.  As of this point in time, October 2013, Sumner does not have a locksmith company within city limits.  While you may search the net and find some that claim theyare, please Beware!  These companies are scammers. The basic scenarios is this: a scammer creates a website using a fake address and an internet phone number, they claim they have an office in sumner, then they arrive on site in an unmarked vehicle (against contractor code) and then proceed to perform work.  They demand cash for payment (not check or CC) and leave a very basic receipt.  If you encounter these individuals feel free to run them off.

The reason we are seeing such a rise in this particular scam is because it is not a criminal offense to pretend to be a locksmith.; it is actually a civil offense and the offender must be caught by a building inspector. Due to the quick nature of the repair jobs, inspectors never catch these guys.

In order to protect yourself, always ask for a contractor number. By Washington State contractor law, all contractors are required to provide this number when asked and we must also have it on their receipts.

Here is a link that shows all the current industries that require contractors.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Leo Taylor

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