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Deadbolt will not stay locked, OR deadbolt will not stay unlocked.

Sometime when you install a deadbolt you may inadvertently get the timing wrong. TheĀ error results in either a deadbolt that will not stay locked when the key is removed, OR a deadbolt that will not stay unlocked when the key is removed. (depending on which way you have the timing ) To solve this problem follow the next steps.

1. Remove the back screws and the face of the deadbolt.
2. Leave the actual bolt installed and extend the bolt with a screwdriver (if it is not already extended)
3. find the extremes of the tailpiece; the rod extending from the face of the lock. It should turn 180 degrees
4. place it in the middle of the 180 degrees. 90 degrees from either extreme.
5. reinstall the face thru the extended deadbolt and reinstall the inside thumb turn.
6. Re-install the screws and test.

Ultimately it is a timing issue, with a bit of play and a few attempts you will eventually get it to work.

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