Stolen Server and Medical files

We have seen an uptick in break in at medical facilities.  The basic MO is to break in, steal the server, steal medical files and get out.   These files are then used for identity theft.  Meanwhile the medical facility is shut down until an investigation is performed and new security procedures and/or hardware are put in place.

Our last upgrade was to install new locks and a monitored alarm system with a battery backup as well as a cell phone backup.  This allows for contingencies for those situations when a thief cuts the power and phone lines.   The backups allow for immediate dispatch of police whether power or phone lines are available.


For those of you in the medical industry we suggest that you take a few moments to check your security and to educate yourself on the procedures for becoming operational after a break in.  The last office we helped, after a break in, was stressed because it was taking more than a month to re-open.


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