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Comcast alarm systems vs ADT vs customer owned systems

Now that Comcast has thrown their hat into the alarm arena we are seeing a new alarm system brand installed with a similar business model to ADT.   This has its pros and cons for customers.  For those out there with Comcast cable you can add an alarm to your home fairly easily.  However, if you already have an alarm system Comcast cannot use it.  They must replace the system to be compatible with their technology.  This would not be such a negative if their technology was not proprietary.  Today many houses have alarms that are perfectly good and usable with just a little TLC.  Here are some points to consider when contemplating Comcast and ADT


1.  If you have an existing system you may not need new equipment.  We at ESI can monitor many systems for $25 per month.

2.  Many customers realize Comcast is overselling the systems.  Their ads are more like movie scenes and the reality falls shorts….. there really are no people in some space age office with 100 foot screens monitoring your system.  And the use of the system with cameras and auto lights (while feasible) is not as easy as they make it.

3.  Many times the Comcast system need to be installed with surface wiring.  This is not the prettiest of installations.

4.  This system still requires a 3 year contract at almost $40 per month.

5. Because they use their own proprietary system you are locked into them.  Many systems by ADT, or other companies (such as ours at ESI) are standard systems made by GE, Tyco, Or Honeywell.   And these systems will allow you to change monitoring companies when needed.


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