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Federal Way Washington (federal way wa) locksmith service

Well,  We are trying to combat all the illegal-scammer locksmiths in the federal way area.  If you google for Locksmith federal way washington then you will see pages and pages of bad sites and links.   These are mostly organized crime proliferating the web so that they can capture calls and scam people when they are vulnerable.   We, at ESI, are working to get them out of the area.   So for locksmith in Federal Way, Wa you can call us 253-848-1924 or visit our site at

Various grades of locks

We get questions from time to time about quality of locks and prices.  While this varies quite a bit I thought I would give you some basic information.    Locks come in 3 grades.

Grade 1 locks are heavy duty commercial.  These  are used on a lot of commercial buildings where the lock could get used hundreds of times a day.  These locks are also the most expensive and typically start at $200 but can easily be $500 or more.  Some are several thousand dollars.

Grade 2 locks are light duty commercial or heavy duty residential.  These are seen on basic office doors.  They can start as low as $35 and run up to $200-$300 or so.

Grade 3 Locksets are bottom of the barrel and can be a few dollars (like cheap import locks sold at box stores) up to $30-$50 depending on brand.

If you have any questions about this or would like to get pricing on locks please contact us at ESI Security