Monthly Archives: April 2011

Osi Omnilock troubles

Well, for those of you that have OSI locks or Omini locks you may already know the the company has been bought by Stanley.  Stanley then pulled the locks from normal distribution and have made it more difficult to get and have repaired.  Many times you may need to replace the locks with another brand that is more accessible to you.  If you have any questions or need replacement locks or another manufacturers locks then give us a call and we can check your options for you.

Theft damage to Detex and other Panic Bars

We are seeing a lot of damage to detex panic bars in the puyallup, federal way, tacoma and surrounding area.  There appears to be a person or persons that are cutting wires to damage the units so that they can return at a later date, steal items and exit the doors without the alarm sounding.  They seem to be targeting doors that are shielded from view so they have the time ( several minutes) to vandalism the units, rip out the power cords and cut the alarm contacts.  They then do their best to conceal the damage so that you may not see teh cut wires.    For anyone with detex units or any kind of alarmed exit unit please make sure to test your units at least monthly to make sure they still function properly.  And as always , if you are in the seattle-tacoma area we can service all types of panic hardware or supply parts if you have your own maintenance crew.   Check out our site here.