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Home alarm systems for edgewood, puyallup, milton and fife.

We have been getting requests for repairs and maintenance of home alarm systems in the local area such as puyallup, egewood, milton, fife, federal way etc.  I wanted to post a few quick tips about these.

1.  Your main alarm system battery should be replaced every 3 years or so.  They can last longer, but to keep them in good working order you will want a new one every few years.  These batteries are rechargeable and available at our office ( in Edgewood) starting at $25.00

2.  If your trouble light comes in you can usually check the trouble yourself.  User manuals can be donwloaded online from various sites, or call us and we can walk you through most trouble conditions.   The trouble light is usually a yellow or orange light on the keypad.  We can be reached at 253-848-1924

3.  You do not have to have monitoring for alarm systems.  Many clients with home alarm systems choose not to have monitoring or use a 3rd party monitoring company.  In these cases servicing alarms can be difficult.  At ESI we can and do service alarm systems whether they are monitored or not.  Please call us for servicing existing alarms, installing new, or adding to an a home alarm.

4.  Most alarm systems can be factory reset in case of lost codes or failure of the system.  If you have an existing alarm system in your home and do not know the codes or have access we can, in many cases, reset the panel to factory condition and reprogram from scratch.    There are some alarms that have a “lockout” feature.  This is a programming option that the original installer might have turned on.  If this feature is on, then the alarm system cannot be reset.  The system is still usable with current codes, or if needed, the main board can be replaced.  This would salvage the rest of the home alarm system.

5.  If you would like to upgrade your home alarm system many times it is just replacing the keypad and main panel.  At ESI we work on a variety of alarm systems and can upgrade your system keypad and panel while salvaging the door contacts, motion sensors, smoke detectors, horns, etc.   Please contact us to get more information at

Keep in mind we service most of the Seattle-Tacoma area including, puyallup, edgewood, milton, fife, kent, federal way, algona, pacific, bonney lake, auburn, renton, bellevue and many other areas.

We ran into an illegal (possibly criminal) locksmith in Federal Way

About a week ago we were called to service a door for one of our clients in federal way Washington.  In his emergency situation  the manager  called around and by the time we got there there was another locksmith working on the front door.    I spotted him quickly as a gypsy, possibly criminal locksmith.  By criminal I mean someone that is keeping copies of house keys for future break ins,  or is related to a crime spree, or gang.    I took his picture, got his license plate and when I asked him for his locksmith license he started packing up real quick.   The staff thought something was off when he showed up in a personal vehicle, no uniform and just basic tools like a screwdriver and drill.  By the time I got the police on the phone he was driving away.   We found out later he had damaged the door, and took some of the parts with him.   The door was a gorgeous, newly installed door that was now scratched with tool marks because this illegal locksmith didn’t know what he was doing.  I am scared to think what he would have charge the client.  I know we would have had to fix his mistakes, because from what he tore apart, he did more damage than good.

Federal Way Locksmith page is now up

We just finished our locksmith page for Federal way and posted it to our site at.  Check it out here.

Esi also known as Edgewood Security is located just south of federal way and offers our complete services to the area including locks, keys, alarms, car openings, rekeying houses etc.

Schlage blue key

Schlage has introduced a new rekeyable lock that is designed to be easy for the end user to rekey.  This follows kwiksets smartkey system.  The design seems nice and easy to use.  The only challenge is that you must obtain a special blue key that is designed to allow the rekeying process.  While the process is fairly simple, the end user must still go to a locksmith in order to get a set of blue keys cut.  One blue key to start the rekey process and a separate blue key to finish it.    We have brought some of these schlage blue keys in stock and can cut them for you or perform the rekey process in its entirety.   If you have any questions please call us 253.848.1924 or visit our site here.