Monthly Archives: December 2010

Monitronics repair and service

I am not exactly sure what is going on with monitronics and their repair services at the moment, but we have had a few customers call in the last week or so needing repair.   It seems that when they call monitronics the customer was told that repair services were not offered.  So we at ESI Security got the call and our answer was Yes we can and do repair those systems.    Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding repairing, fixing or otherwise working on a monitronics system

1.  Monitronics does not make the system.  They buy someone elses system (such as DSC) and have their name put on it.

2. If the system is not locked out (special passcode) we should be able to repair or, if necessary, default the panel and reprogram.

3. If Monitronics will not service the panel then we at ESI Security can service it, but we highly recommend that you cancelyour contract and switch to our UL listed monitoring for $25.00 per month.

4. We at ESI can service your alarms and we travel quite a distance including Tacoma,  Puyallup, Kent, Auburn, Federal Way, Fife, Edgewood, Milton, Bonney Lake, Sumner, Algona, Pacific and many other surrounding areas.

5.  There are several reasons for this lack of service by Monitronics and other alarm companies.  Some monitoring companies want the recurring revenue of $30 or more a month.  As soon as an alarm has problems they are willing to let it lapse since it is cheaper and easier to just let the alarm contract expire, than it is to staff a repair center.  Other reasons are that, unlike most states, Washington state alarm technicians must be Licensed Electricians,  This makes it more expensive and difficult to keep repair technicians available.   Rest assured that here at ESI we are a licensed and bonded electrcial contractor with licensed repair techs on staff.

Google places and our Puyallup, Edgewood, Milton Washington locksmith place page

We have been working hard to comply with google and their new place page requirements, but due to googles upgrades and the illegal locksmith pages our page has been lost and it is being very difficult for us, as legal locksmiths to get our page listed.   Please view our current page here.

The trouble we have with this is that google is trying to weed out the illegal locksmiths and we are getting caught in the crossfire.  Unfortunetally, when the illegal guys get their websites, or address and phone number listing, shut down they just make another fake one and move one.   We cannot do that.  We have a real locksmith office in Edgewood the services the local area as well as milton, puyallup, fife, tacoma, federal way, etc.   We have to have our info correct and google keeps verifying the info and the losing it only to re-verify.  Very frustrating….

But, we will keep at it and eventually Google will get us listed correctly.