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Scammers in the locksmith industry

For the past several years the locksmith industry has had to deal with illegal locksmith companies scamming unsuspecting customers.  These companies pray upon those in need and are often unlicensed and not bonded.  Here are a few tips on how to deal with these potential companies.

1.  Make sure your locksmith is licensed.  Ask for their state license number and contractro #.  All locksmiths in Washington must have a Contractor number and be bonded.

2.  Ask if the locksmith has a physical address.  While some legitimate locksmiths are mobile only, having a physical office is a sign of legality.

3.  If the locksmith shows up in a personal vehicle- BEWARE-  While some locksmiths on call may jump into a personal vehicle for a quick car opening, this act is very rare.  If you are unsure then get the license plate number, ask for id and contractor number again.

4. Make sure to get a receipt with the company name, address, and licensing info on it.

5.  If the locksmith insists on cash and wont leave a receipt then be very wary.

6.  If you believe you are being scammed and the locksmith insists on cash, will not give a license number then call the police.  This locksmith is engaging in illegal activity.  You are not bound to pay them anything, even if they have performed work or supplies product.

7.  These fake locksmiths are very good at intimidation.  If you are being threatened then do what you can to feel safe,  get as much information about them as you can and call the local authorities if you are able.

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