Electronic safe lock problems.

We tend to make trips to various areas to diagnose electronic safe lock problems.  Just the other day we were in Puyallup and had to get into a high end safe that was being problematic. There were two locks with intermittent functions. The first lock was an easy fix. NEW Batteries. The second needed a new lock.

We tend to see this issue a lot with Batteries and I want to make sure everyone understands the main problem: cheap batteries.  Our company policy is to use only brand new (from the package) Duracell or Energizer. We have seen it several times from Federal way, to fife, to Tacoma and just about everywhere. A business owner will go to the dollar store or some local convenience store and get some no-namer battery. This does not fix the problem, and their eyes bulge when we install Duracell and the lock works just fine.

Tip #1 for electronic safe locks when they are having issues. Replace the batteries and only use good quality,


ESI Security



Sumner Locksmiths

For those of you in Sumner Washington, I want to give you a quick update.  As of this point in time, October 2013, Sumner does not have a locksmith company within city limits.  While you may search the net and find some that claim theyare, please Beware!  These companies are scammers. The basic scenarios is this: a scammer creates a website using a fake address and an internet phone number, they claim they have an office in sumner, then they arrive on site in an unmarked vehicle (against contractor code) and then proceed to perform work.  They demand cash for payment (not check or CC) and leave a very basic receipt.  If you encounter these individuals feel free to run them off.

The reason we are seeing such a rise in this particular scam is because it is not a criminal offense to pretend to be a locksmith.; it is actually a civil offense and the offender must be caught by a building inspector. Due to the quick nature of the repair jobs, inspectors never catch these guys.

In order to protect yourself, always ask for a contractor number. By Washington State contractor law, all contractors are required to provide this number when asked and we must also have it on their receipts.

Here is a link that shows all the current industries that require contractors.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Leo Taylor


Or feel free to cull us at 253-753-1607



Deadbolt will not stay locked, OR deadbolt will not stay unlocked.

Sometime when you install a deadbolt you may inadvertently get the timing wrong. The error results in either a deadbolt that will not stay locked when the key is removed, OR a deadbolt that will not stay unlocked when the key is removed. (depending on which way you have the timing ) To solve this problem follow the next steps.

1. Remove the back screws and the face of the deadbolt.
2. Leave the actual bolt installed and extend the bolt with a screwdriver (if it is not already extended)
3. find the extremes of the tailpiece; the rod extending from the face of the lock. It should turn 180 degrees
4. place it in the middle of the 180 degrees. 90 degrees from either extreme.
5. reinstall the face thru the extended deadbolt and reinstall the inside thumb turn.
6. Re-install the screws and test.

Ultimately it is a timing issue, with a bit of play and a few attempts you will eventually get it to work.

If you have any question feel free to respond to our post, visit our website at www.esilock.com, or call us at 253-848-1924

Minutekey DIY key duplicators can be dangerous for key duplication

I first saw one of these key duplicators at a local lowes and was intrigued.  I did not use it myself as I was not about to pay money for a competitor to cut keys especially a machine.  Although I can certainly see the appeal and this machine is not really competition to us as we stock over twenty thousand keys.   BUT, we quickly learned of a danger from these machines.  Within a short period of times employees were copying their company “Do Not Duplicate”  keys.  Is seems the machines do not care about that and there is no way for the machine to check.  So, we have had to rekey businesses and put in locks that use keys the Minutekey cannot duplicate.   Oh, fun.   FYI for all you business people with DND keys.



Stanley Best making changes to distribution and service

As of the first of this year (2013) Stanley Best is making changes to how it is distributing their product.  Product can be ordered from local distributors rather than the local office.  This will also effect service work for those of you that need locks repaired or keys cut.  If you run into challenges getting parts or service during this transition please contact us at ESI Security and we will be glad to assist.  253-848-1924

How to Change time and Date on a DSC alarm system

Here are quick printable directions for changing the time and date


Press * then 6

Press 1

enter the new time and date in 24 hour format and 2 digit day, 2 digit month, 2 digit year

You should hear several confirmation beeps.

Press * to exit


Example  for  3:15 pm january 1, 2013







If you run into trouble or need a question answered please give us a call



Stolen Server and Medical files

We have seen an uptick in break in at medical facilities.  The basic MO is to break in, steal the server, steal medical files and get out.   These files are then used for identity theft.  Meanwhile the medical facility is shut down until an investigation is performed and new security procedures and/or hardware are put in place.

Our last upgrade was to install new locks and a monitored alarm system with a battery backup as well as a cell phone backup.  This allows for contingencies for those situations when a thief cuts the power and phone lines.   The backups allow for immediate dispatch of police whether power or phone lines are available.


For those of you in the medical industry we suggest that you take a few moments to check your security and to educate yourself on the procedures for becoming operational after a break in.  The last office we helped, after a break in, was stressed because it was taking more than a month to re-open.


If you have any questions feel free to call us at ESI Security  253-848-1924



Comcast alarm systems vs ADT vs customer owned systems

Now that Comcast has thrown their hat into the alarm arena we are seeing a new alarm system brand installed with a similar business model to ADT.   This has its pros and cons for customers.  For those out there with Comcast cable you can add an alarm to your home fairly easily.  However, if you already have an alarm system Comcast cannot use it.  They must replace the system to be compatible with their technology.  This would not be such a negative if their technology was not proprietary.  Today many houses have alarms that are perfectly good and usable with just a little TLC.  Here are some points to consider when contemplating Comcast and ADT


1.  If you have an existing system you may not need new equipment.  We at ESI can monitor many systems for $25 per month.

2.  Many customers realize Comcast is overselling the systems.  Their ads are more like movie scenes and the reality falls shorts….. there really are no people in some space age office with 100 foot screens monitoring your system.  And the use of the system with cameras and auto lights (while feasible) is not as easy as they make it.

3.  Many times the Comcast system need to be installed with surface wiring.  This is not the prettiest of installations.

4.  This system still requires a 3 year contract at almost $40 per month.

5. Because they use their own proprietary system you are locked into them.  Many systems by ADT, or other companies (such as ours at ESI) are standard systems made by GE, Tyco, Or Honeywell.   And these systems will allow you to change monitoring companies when needed.


If you have any questions regarding what is being sold or installed please feel free to contact us at ESIlock.com

ADT is TOO expensive!

We are getting multiple reports that ADT alarm company is too expensive in the.  Recently we have taken over accounts due to the fact that the repair or replacement of an adt system or sensor is too expensive.

A customer called a few weeks ago with a defective sensor.  We were able to replace the sensor and test the system for $150 but ADT wanted over $300.  AND this was their client and system.

So, we have been receiving more and more calls to repair a system, or just to take over the existing system.

Many times we can cancel the ADT system and takeover, repair, update, etc and get you on a cheaper monthly plan.

Check us out at www.esilock.com

Leo the Locksmith website up and running

I had friends tell me that I should brand the name “leo the locksmith”  so I got the website, put up a simple page and have linked it to my main site.  The purpose will be two-fold.   Allow a cute branding icon that can be used for marketing and also to help people find my or my company when they need it.  I have learned that not everyone remembers that my company name is ESI.   So now you may google  “leo” and “locksmith” and get my contact info.



Hope this helps